Coaching Senior Leaders

Welcome to Visible Impact Leadership

Visible Impact Leadership is devoted to helping senior leaders and emerging stars live up to their leadership potential. Our clients elevate the effectiveness of their communication, develop strategic relationships, and inspire change resulting in a visible impact.

The clients we work with tend to identify with the following:

  • You have been successful over the course of your professional journey.
  • You are able to increase your impact even more now that you are at the most senior levels in the organization.
  • Your success depends on your ability to leverage strong communication and effectively influence others in your leadership role.
  • You’re embracing the dynamic challenges you face and also see that the leadership skills that got you here, may not get you to the next level as quickly as you want.
  • You’re not always heard or perceived in the way you intend – the way you need to be in order to reach your goals.

Our Approach

Visible Impact Leadership offers a distinctive combination of 360 and focused inquiry that will help you to identify and leverage your leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement. Your coach asks thoughtful questions, challenges critical assumptions and provides additional perspectives. Your coach will help you put a self-sustaining plan in place so you can confidently engage with others in powerful ways to realize the visible impact you desire.



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